Fantasies of Cuckold Hubby

A cuckold, ‘cuck' or the Beta male is a man either married or into a long term relationship whose wife or girlfriend derives sexual pleasure from some other man called the Bull or the Alpha male. The dis-satisfied wife is the ‘hotwife', ‘the cuckold wife' or the ‘cuck queen' in a cuckold relationship. Cuckoldry has nothing to do with the wives cheating on their husbands. Everything is carried on in the open with the consent of the cuckold husband. The reason for the wife going in search of another male could be numerous, like an impotent husband, his dick being too small etc. There are two types of cuckold husbands: - the Submissive Male and the Dominant Cuckold Husband.


The Submissive cuckold husband will have no role to play in the cuck queen's choice of Bulls. But the cuckold hubby will have to do a lot of dirty work like cleaning the Bull's cum off his wife or even licking the Bull's dick to get him ready for the act with his partner. Very often the wife out of sheer frustration even belittles the cuckold husband in front of the Bull teasing him of his short comings or incapability. But in many cases the cuckold husband gets a lot of pleasure watching his wife and even manages to get an orgasm by just being a bystander.


The dominant cuckold husband is a completely different kettle of fish. In his case he takes charge of the whole program and even exhibits his pleasures of watching his wife being screwed by the Bull. In fact the dominant cuckold husband even takes it upon himself to choose the Alpha male for his wife. He thinks of it more in the sense of voyeurism and does not feel degraded or humiliated that his wife is looking for greener pastures. On some occasions the cuckold husband gets so involved in the act that he is watching that he will even encourage the Bull to try out different acts or positions with the cuckqueen.


The cuckolding husbands take it on themselves to look for sex connections on the internet and even take the trouble of interviewing them before getting a list lined up for his wife to choose from. In a cuckolding relationship the wife gets fulfilled and the cuckold husband is happy to know that she is satisfied. If the Bull seems too aggressive and talks very derogatorily about the women then the cuck knows that he is not the right candidate for his wife.


The involvement of the cuckold husband depends on the relation between the cuckolding couple. A cuckold husband may just be made to watch his wife put on her clothes or listen to her episodes with the Bull, or be made to sit and watch sex activities that are being carried on between his wife and partner.


To sum up, generally cuckold husbands are made to wear chastity belts, while others are used to write on and still others are degraded as a result of their small dick that do not satisfy his partner.

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