Mystery of Cuckold Personals


Have you read 'Venus in Furs' written by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch? It is a novel that deals with a cuckold story. One character in that novel persuades his lady love to have sex with another man. He considers it as the best gift from his lady love. He enjoys the faithlessness of that woman. In his memoir, Masoch confessed that he forced his wife to sleep with another man, only to enjoy the humiliation and pain of infidelity.


By normal human nature, a man does not like to share their counter part. But there are some people who are interested to do sex before their legal partner. If you see this matter in a moral view, you can't adjust with it. Cuckolds have their own rights by doing these things. Even they justify it with the Bible quotes, to get acceptance by others.


Cuckoldry originates from the minds of the husband as a sexual fantasy. There are some kinds of men, who get enjoyment, when they think about their wife sharing all with others. They ask about this fantasy to their wives.


A normal girl can not cope with this idea. But they go to cuckoldry to make her loving husband's fantasy true. In some cases, husband forces her to be a cheated one. Cuckold husband is refers as the 'beta male' and the other man is referred as the 'alpha male'. Alpha male dominates both the wife and the husband in sexual activities.


Here, woman has all rights to choose her sexual partner without fearing her husband. Cuckold husbands love to see his wife being enjoyed by other men. Some of them love to participate in the game, as in the orgy. Mostly, they love to do some oral sex to both his wife and the alpha male.


Cuckold communities are very common in some European countries. They often arrange parties known as mandingos. It is a perfect place to find out cuckold couples and black bulls. New trends in cuckoldry are the relation ship between white wives and black males. White wives are very eager to do things with their black mate, which they never do with their white husbands.


May be, the interracial appeal is the main attraction of this relationship. It is also considered as a rebellion against the social norms of color existing in the society. Psychology of cuckold personals is a mysterious one. Definitely, cuckoldry is an acid test for a normal couple. In cuckold husband's opinion, they just allow their wives to satisfy her hungry. It is just like eating food, when one woman is hungry.


They love their wives, and says proudly '' my wife will be back ''. Some men consider it as the clear proof of love. Cuckold wives are the next category, who enjoys all the time. Basically, a woman does not like to share her body, before a loving husband. They are ready to fulfill the sexual fantasies of their husband. The easiness of the relationship is another attraction to a cuckoldry relation ship. There is no bonds in between the alpha male and the female rather than the sexual act.


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