A Cuckold Couple has to Undertake Cuckoldry for Pleasure

Cuckoldry is the position adopted by a cuckold or the act to become a cuckold. This relates to sexual outings of married woman, who makes arrangements to enjoy sex with another person not letting the husband know of the amorous act. Cuckoldry happens when seductive ladies take actions to enjoy extreme sex resulting in the sexual intercourse with their lovers and cheating on husbands.


One can find several stories of married women cheating on their husbands for extra marital relationship to fulfill their extreme desire for sexual intercourse. In some cases the husbands too let their hot wives to have sexual relationship with other males for their own sexual pleasure.


There are women who would take up another male person on bed even when they love their husbands profoundly. This act of cuckoldry is taken up only for sexual pleasure and has no relevance with social relationship. When a wife finds his husband inadequate to give her extreme sexual satisfaction, she takes up on another partner for her sexual act. She finds the husband boring and not rising up to her expectations. She selects a boyfriend to give her the pleasure her husband could not give.


The wife discusses the entire thing with her husband and settles down on a definite plan. There is a party called the "Mandingo Party", where the hot wife is introduced with the new male partner for sexual pleasure and the cuckold husband also agrees to this decision openly in front of the guests.  This party is for the introduction of the bull that is the new black boy friend and as it is an interracial orgy, the black person takes up a white hot woman to perform sexual acts in front of the guests. The husbands only witness the sexual acts to derive pleasure. This kind of cuckoldry is sometimes related to porno mannerisms by psychologists.


This kind of mentality or behavior is possible in men to love to watch acts of sexual intercourse by their wives and other people.  This element is present in the minds of many husbands who generally can not satisfy the sexual needs of their hot wives. There is the possibility of the feeling of jealousness and shame due to the inability of the husbands to give adequate sexual pleasure to their wives.


The woman who gets the pleasure takes thechance to show her sexual seduction power by playing with the cock of the black man to rouse his heat to the top level so that the bull gives her extreme sexual pleasure. The licking of the cock by the hot wife makes the bull go for her pussy to do the counter licking so that she feels the tingling sensation in her coitus to be ready for the copulation. The bull holds the lady from behind or goes on top to push the male organ in between her thighs and inside her. The motion starts with the thumping action of the cock hitting the inside walls of the pussy to give extraordinary pleasure to the hot wife. She groans and moans with the rhythm to reach her peak and comes with her orgasm whereas the bull releases his semen all over the pussy and inside the wife.


The extreme enjoyment of sexual pleasure is over and the act of cuckoldry becomes complete.



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