Wife Breeding is a Fantastic Situation, Some Husbands Prefer

Wife breeding is a sort of situation where the lone woman gets impregnated by her boyfriend or any male partner without the knowledge of the husband. This happens generally when the husband is away. The wives of traveling salesmen are more prone to this action when their husbands are away on tours. The wife takes the decision to join hands with her male partner to get pregnant.


Sometimes, the husband is not able to make his wife pregnant due to frigidity in males. They do not have the strength in their sperm to affect pregnancy in their wives. Some of the husbands take the refuge by arranging a strong young male partner or bull to fuck his wife to give her sexual satisfaction as well as the bull impregnates the wife by having regular sexual intercourse with the consent of the cuckold husband. The cuckold husband takes pleasure in finding his wife pregnant. He also derives pleasure by watching the sexual act between his hot wife and the male friend whom he has arranged to fuck his wife.


Many people or young bulls take the advantage of this situation in lonely females when their husbands are away and make the female sexually happy with powerful and hot sexual actions. There is an incidence of one lonely lady who got pleasure from her amorous actions with a boy friend and also got pregnant with the wife breeding advantage taken by the young man as a game.


Yes of course, wife breeding is a fantastic game that a young man enjoys. One evening in the local community fair on flowers a young stud met this lovely chick with right muscles at right places. She was very smart and was quick to have close relationship with him and they started meeting regularly.  Her husband, a nice little fellow was an engineer who worked in the oilfields some where in the Middle-east. He had come on the annual leave and would soon leave the place and join duty leaving his wife here alone.  This is the background of the wife breeding episode.


The young man and the cute bombshell continued to enjoy sex. She sucked his big thing and took it into her mouth to raise him hot. The male partner took her from behind pushed very hard putting the thing deep inside her with powerful gushing. She cried with satisfaction and her orgasm finally came and the bull ejaculated live sperm inside her. The next night, she was once again wanting to get her pussy fired with his gun and started licking the penis vigorously. The bull was heated up and put the large cock into her clit and gave her real thumping and ejaculated sperm flooding her pussy.


This wife breeding continued for the entire weekend and they had to wait for another weekend to play the game of wife breeding. Many times during the weekend period, fluids met each other and the live sperm got into her inside without any doubt. She carried the odor of the male semen in her pussy all the time throughout the week which she enjoyed. Her husband came from the tour after three months and found the wife with a swollen belly and was very pleased. A case of wife breeding is a matter that the husband may like and appreciate due to his inability to make his wife pregnant.


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